practice safe shopping

We all know how much germs can spread in public places, so why contribute to that in the grocery store? Shopping carts are touched by more hands than gas pumps. Statistically they are dirtier than a public toilet seat. Let's change that with the Cart Cover. Our mission is to keep store shoppers healthy and happy without sacrificing the shopping experience. Cart Cover creates a Sanitary Shopping environment for its users. We love our customers, become a part of the Cart Cover Family!

Experience and Professionalism

The world can be a scary place. Recent events such as the Covid-19 pandemic have affected people's lives in a way that no one could have predicted or imagined. That is why we at the Cart Cover have made it our mission to keep more people healthy and happy in public places.  We have years of professional experience in satisfying customers, and know how to work together to make our consumers happy. Let us help you!

People Who Care

We came up with an idea to revolutionize how people shop. Imagine going to a grocery store and touching the same handle that someone carrying a virus touched before you. Gross right!? We know store owners do their best by providing cleaning wipes at the front of the store, but those are nearly ineffective. That is why we developed the Cart Cover. It prevents the spread of germs by 99% compared to the standard wipes offered at most stores. Our goal is to see people staying safe and protected with Cart Cover every day!

Made in USA!!!

USA! USA! USA! We are proudly made in USA! We support the American Economy by investing in our manufacturer! We love our country, and are privileged to be able to keep production within the United States! Every Cart Cover you purchase directly benefits the hard workers within the US!